Thursday, August 16, 2012

Meet: 10 Professonal Nail Lacquer MoonLight

I love wearing nudes. When my nails gets long, this is the time I like to pull out all my nude colors and see which one gets picked. Most nude polishes that I have are sheer, and needs 5 coats to be completely opaque, but NOT this one! This is one of my favorite, and its probably the cheapest out of all my nudes. Funny how things works sometimes. I only have a couple of polishes by this brand, and I wish I grabbed more when they were still on sale. The formula for these polishes are all very nice. This one was especially creamy, and went on very smooth. The only thing that I have with these is the long stem of the brush, and if I don't wipe the excess polishes off, it will drip when I paint my nails. So be sure to wipe off the excess polish on the long stem when using this!
10 Professional Nail lacquer in: 458 Moonlight


  1. Where can I buy this nail polish brand and color ?thank you !

    1. I bought this at CVS. But I think they might have discontinued this brand? I have not seen it in stores the last couple of times that I went. I wish I bought more, because the formula on these are awesome!